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Medics of Company A, 110th Medical Battalion evacuate wounded at Lutrebois, Belgium

Medics of Comapny A, 110th Medical Battalion evacuate wounded at Lutrebois, Belgium

Thanks to Mr. Warren S. West, who served with Company A, 110th Medical Battalion for providing the following information:

Left to right - Carrying the first litter are Edwin Konkol and Warren Schladenhauffen. Behind them is Squad Leader Ed Milhouse and a "Walking Wounded". Following them carrying the second litter are Henry Desmarais and James Fritsch, followed by Squad Leader, Jack Schwab. Behind Jack is Joe Lvoncek and another Walking Wounded. He can be identified by the white "EMT" tag hanging from his overcoat. EMT stands for "Emergency Medical Treatment". The purpose of the EMT tag is to let anyone treating the wounded later what has already been done for them.

The Infantry Regimental Combat Team was comprised of the three battalions of Infantry, which made up the 134th Infantry Regiment. Assigned to the Infantry were one battalion of Field Artillery, one company of Combat Engineers and one company of Medics, plus other units. My outfit was Company "A", 110th Medical Battalion, of which the medics in the picture were members. Our job was to treat and evacuate the wounded from the front line, and bring them back to the Infantry Battalion Aid Station. The Aid Station was usually a couple of hundred yards behind the front line.

Our ambulances waited at the Aid Station to take the wounded back to my outfit (Company A, 110th Medics) the Collecting Company. Here the wounded were given a little more treatment and possibly sent back to the front line. If not, they were sent back to the Division Clearing Station, maybe 15 miles behind the lines for much more complete care. This was a small hospital.

The men in the picture were evacuating the wounded from a large stone barn (out of sight at the right side of the picture). This was the Infantry Company Command Post where they had been taken from the front line. They were being taken back a couple of hundred yards to the Infantry Battalion Aid Station where the ambulances would pick them up. I evacuated wounded along this road many times.

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