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110th Medical Battalion Clearing Station

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The 110th Medical Battalion provided medical assistance to the entire 35th Infantry Division and its attached units. The Admission and Dispostion Reports posted on this website include information about soldiers from the following units: 35th Division HQ; 35th Division Special Troops; 134th Infantry Regiment; 137th Infantry Regiment; 320th Infantry Regiment; Division Artillery; 127th Field Artillery Battalion; 219th Field Artillery Battalion; 216th Field Artillery Battalion; 161st Field Artillery Battalion; 60th Engineer Battalion ;35th Recon Troop; 35th Quartermaster Company; 35th Signal Company; 110th Medical Battalion; 35th Military Police Platoon; 35th Division Band; 735th Ordnance Company; and the following attached units; 737th Tank Battalion; 654th Tank Destroyer Battalion; 448th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion; and the 784th Tank Battalion.

Admission and Disposition Reports typically contain the soldier's name, rank, army serial number, unit, and casualty type.

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