134th Infantry Regiment Crest

134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"

35th Infantry Division emblem

134th Infantry Regiment Crest

134th Infantry Regiment - Company C

134th Infantry Regiment, Co C, St Louis Obispo 1943

St. Louis Obispo, CA - Spring 1943

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Below is a list of the soldiers who appear in the above picture. Many of them are identified by numbers corresponding to the list below. These numbers can be seen on the high resolution version of this picture.

1. Ogg, Rolla F. 21. West Virgil O. 41. Nydegger, William A. 61. Barnard, Vernon L.  
2. Ehlers, Frank A. 22. Lampe, Alvin L. 42. Potts, Stanley R. 62. No one listed  
3. Bertig, Merco 23. Hawkins, Floyd W., Jr. 43. Hertzel, Arthur W. 63. Johnson, Jerome U.  
4. Geiken, Clifford L. or Geiken, Marvin J. 24. Liedtke, John D. 44. Conley, Albert H. 64. Crawford, Robert W.  
5. Cooper, John D. 25. Whittaker, Floyd E. 45. Valasek, Ray J. 65. Johnson, Clifford R.  
6. Mareno, James A. or Marino Louis A. 26. Law, William H., Jr. 46. Schidler, Herbert D. 66. Sorenson, Freddie A.  
7. Glasgow, Raymond B. 27. Barber, Glen J. 47. Young, Charles D. 67. Kitzmiller, Carl L.  
8. Crider, Frederick F. 28. Stevens, Charles P. 48. Rehm, Raymone 68. Moe, Earl C.  
9. Harvey, Anthony J. 29. McRae, Kenneth J. 49. Meints, John H. or Meints John G. 69. VanHouten, Horace E.  
10. Genrich, Herman or William J.H. 30. Otto, Glen W. or Clarence M. 50. Lee, Herbert L. 70. Finch  
11. Creamer, Howard E. 31. Larimore, Ray E. 51. Tumblin, Raymond J. 71. Masennova  
12. Lee, Luther H. 32. Grandy, Vern L. 52. Hargraves 72. Henning, Fred B.  
13. Karsa, Peter 33. Paserobles 53. Schidler, Carl R. 73. Vigdal, William W.  
14. Bottari, Oreste F. 34. Lake, Leonidas 54. Sullivan, Glen P. 74. Alford, Fred S.  
15. Stricklin, Marion K. 35. Nipp, Henry E. 55. Hardenbrook, Donald E. 75. Blackburn, John D.  
16. Coates, Thomas R. 36. Merdan, Lawrence L. 56. Bass, Sylvan 76. Nicoletto, Olico  
17. Alward, Vincent R. 37. Stevens, Charles P. 57. Henry, Carl P. 77. Jacobson, Emmett I.  
18. Saddler, Glen W. 38. Mullin, John J. 58. Stearns 78. Beaulieu, Joseph O.V.  
19. Hoover, Cleo L. 39. Starkey, Raymond K. 59. Legate, Willard, E.    
20. Hoover, Charles W. 40. Williams, John R. 60. Hubbard, Lloyd E.    

If you can identify any of the other soldiers in this photo please contact the webmaster.

Thanks to Lynn Lampe Salsbury, daughter of S/Sgt Alvin L. Lampe, for this photo.

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