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134th Infantry Regiment - Company D

Company D 134th Infantry Regiment

North Platte, Nebraska - December 24, 1940

This photo was taken on the steps of the First Evangelical Luthern Church, 300 W. 5th Street, North Platte, Nebraska (west side). A larger version of this picture is available, with each soldier labeled with a number corresponding to the numbered list of names below. A higher resolution, un-numbered, version of this picture is also available. The ranks listed in this roster are those at the time this photo was taken.


If you recognize any of the unidentified soldiers in this photo please contact the Webmaster.


Thanks to Nicholas Tuma from the Nebraska National Guard Museum for these photographs and roster of names.


1. Cpl. Fred L. McEvoy

2. Cpl. Bernard E. Seeger

3. Pfc. Robert D. Craig

4. 1st Sgt. Byron R. Mudge

5. Capt. Fred C. Petersen

6. 1st Lt. Denver W. Wilson

7. 2nd Lt. Dale M. Godwin

8. 2nd Lt. Dan E. Craig

9. Pfc. John F. Lloyd

10. Unknown

11. Unknown

12. Unknown

13. Unknown

14. Unknown - possibly Robert D. Faulkner

15. Unknown

16. Unknown

17. Cpl. William H. Schweikhard

18. Cpl. Lewis T. Crandell

19. Cpl. Robert K. Frederici

20. Cpl. William P. Arensdorf

21. Cpl. Bernard A. Elliott

22. Sgt. James V. Kovanda

23. Pvt. Roger Tipton

24. Pfc. Charles E. Webster

25. Cpl. Raymond D. Wentz

26. Cpl. Richard E. Downing

27. Sgt. Donald F. Barraclough

28. Sgt. Donald E. Rowley

29. Sgt. Cecil J. Pease

30. Sgt. Harry G. Gutherless

31. Sgt. Charles E. Hake

32. Pvt. Merle W. Rose

33. Sgt. Milton C. Baker

34. Sgt. Robert E. Wohlford

35. Sgt. Charles M. Miller

36. Pvt. Marvin P. Ward

37. Pvt. Garry R. Crewdson

38. Pvt. Clayton C. Hildenbrand

39. Pvt. Gage C. Hammond

40. Pvt. Erwyn L. Moore

41. Pfc. Vergil W. Fredricey

42. Pvt. Delbert C. Hutchinson

43. Pfc. Russell G. Hannibal

44. Pvt. Keith N. Peters

45. Pfc. Willis "Willie" "Red" Ellis

46. Pvt. Carl O. McDonough

47. Pfc. Floyd E. McMurtry

48. Pvt. Coyeton R. McEntire

49. Pfc. Charles G. McMurtry

50. Unknown

51. Pvt. Earl J. "Junior" Diener

52. Pfc. Don J. Winchester

53. Pvt. Harlan V. Diener

54. Pfc. Randal R. Weesner

55. Pvt. Jefferson M. Favinger

56. Pfc. James P. Bridges

57. Pfc. Charles B. Konruff

58. Pvt. Vearl L. R. Page

59. Pvt. Lial D. "Pop" Brewer

60. Pfc. John H. Walters

61. Pvt. Lavern E. Sivits

62. Pvt. Howard L. Enzminger

63. Pvt. Louis G. Kaiser

64. Pvt. Wayne A. Coxon

65. Pvt. Orville D. Moore

66. Pfc. William D. Sheedy

67. Pvt. Cort Kyne

68. Pvt. Delbert C. Hutchinson

69. Pvt. Nevin Blaine Work

70. Pvt. Lloyd L. Miller

71. Pvt. Dean W. Dailey

72. Pvt. Gerald K. Richardson

73. Pvt. Vernon J. Lewis

74. Pvt. Wayne W. Gilmore

75. Pfc. Gilbert H. Wilson

76. Pvt. Robert L. Harbin

77. Pvt. Larry Fonner

78. Pvt. John W. "Jack" Bailey

79. Unknown

80. Unknown

81. Pvt. Willis L. Jepsen

82. Pfc. Charles L. "Lyle" Seeger

83. Pfc. Robert H. Guiles

84. Pvt. William D. Stearns

85. Pvt. Ralph F. Greeley

86. Pvt. Edwin M. White

87. Pvt. John S. Hollenbeck

88. Pfc. Robert H. Duke

89. Pfc. Thomas W. Carroll

90. Pvt. Charles E. Glascock

91. Pfc. Merwyn F. "Monk" Ridinger

92. Pvt. William B. Shively

93. Pvt. Park E. Jagears

94. Pfc. Bernard C. Rogers

95. Pvt. James L. Beeson

96. Pvt. Lysle L. Rogers

97. Unknown

98. Pfc. Chester C. Williams

99. Pvt. James J. Carroll

100. Pfc. Donald W. Dunhaver

101. Pvt. Orvylle A. Rosenblad

102. Pvt. Donald W. Elliott

103. Pvt. Virgil V. Thomas

104. Pvt. Delmer C. "Duke" Belders

105. Pvt. Elmer L. "Elmo" Shearer

106. Pfc. Francis L. Porterfield

107. Pvt. George L. Hansen

108. Unknown

109. Unknown

110. Unknown

111. Unknown

112. Unknown

113. Pvt. Clayton L. Crawford

114. Pvt. James B. Waugh

115. Pvt. Arden V. Mischke

116. Pvt. Melvin G. Miller

117. Pvt. Ralph B. Riley

118. Pvt. Clair E. Richardson

Not Present (incomplete)

119. Cpl. Edward Supanchick

120. Pvt. Harold Westphal

121. Pfc. Delette M. Goodwin

122. Pfc. Ira U. Secrest

123. Pvt. Glenn A. Jagears

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