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Armell Rex Turner

Armell Rex Turner


Armell Rex Turner (ASN # 6247824) served with Company L, 3rd Platoon, 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division from 9 July 44 - 17 Oct 44.

His son, Mr. Armell Richard Turner, provided this information.

"He only lasted 4 months because he was shot in the left calf and was shipped back to the States. He fought to not lose his leg. Thereafter, he had to wear special shoes that had a brace starting at the heel of the shoe up to his upper calf because there was not much left of his calf. This picture is dated July 44, exactly 4 months before he was discharged."

"Dad had allot of hand-writing in his book (the 35th Division year book), using his own mental notes. After reading, the only town they mention is Chambrey France. Allot of fighting took place between Pettoncourt and Chambrey on the Seille River, Gremecey Forest. Here are some of his notes:"

- Afterwards guns and helmets etc laying all over
- Where JF Cosby was killed
- Large scale counter-attack
- Gremecey Forest -- Tough
- yep, two days after the fight, 36 men killed and captured
- No drink, no eat for 3 days
- Fighter strafed and bombed heavily nearly all day
- Just no sleep


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