134th Infantry Regiment Crest

134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"

35th Infantry Division emblem

Pfc. Donald Malcolm Boyd

Company D

Pfc Donald M Boyd

Thanks to Pfc. Donald M. Boyd's son, Malcolm, for the picture and the following biographical information about his father:

Pictured is my father, PFC Donald Malcolm Boyd, Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division. Wounded at St Lo, my father spent 106 days in traction for a broken femur. Later he broke his leg again in a fall on ice while attempting to visit his mother shortly after having a cast removed. His luck improved when he was accepted at Princeton University. He graduated with the class of 1949, 60% veterans and hellions t'boot. Later he went on to work at many jobs until he found a position with the State of NY, Employment Service, ending up on the 72nd floor of the World Trade Center, NYC. After he retired in 1976, he became a Trustee for the Amityville Public Library (NY State), over which he presided for 25 years. He worked hard, took good care of his family and made sure we were all exposed to sailing and music. He married a beautiful young lady, a graduate of Julliard School of Music, named Margarite Louise Rich, from Brooklyn, in 1948.

He was pleased to see that Captain Donald Rubottom survived the war. My father remembered being angry that the Captain had ordered him to get a haircut before being sent over to France. The things a 19 year old will remember are interesting. He also said that he kept a diary of his experience but, he threw it away before being sent back to the states in a body cast, thinking that no one would be interested in his record....

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