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Sgt John M. Chandler

Company D

Sgt John M Chandler

Sgt. John M. Chandler, 34432584, was in the 455th AAA Battalion from September 1942 through December 1944. In December 1944 he was sent with a group of 70 men as replacements for infantry during the Battle of the Bulge. He ended up in Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment as a Private. His Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) was 606, AA machine gunner, as he had been the machine gunner on a quad .50-cal. mount (M51) with the 455th AAA. He appears on the Company D Morning Report for December 16, 1944, then again on the January 5, 1945 report when he was promoted to PFC with a MOS of 504 (Ammo. handler). That was at Marvie, Belgium.

Marvie was a village he never forgot. He remembered the attack into the woods and dragging Germans from their foxholes ('you could smell them a mile away'). Artillery fire there gave him PTSD after the war. He used to sit in the center of the house during thunderstorms, imagining it to be artillery fire. On January 17, 1945, he is listed on the Morning Report as a Sergeant, leader of a machine gun squad (MOS 653). Nine days later (January 26, 1945), he was wounded during the assault on Weiswampach, Luxembourg and removed to a field hospital. He was taken to Nancy, France, then back to the Channel and shipped to Southhampton, England. He recuperated for 3 months at the 825th Convalescent Center, near Coventry, at Packingham Park, later returning to the 134th in Germany after the war. He appears on the June 30, 1945 Company D Personnel Roster. He came home with the unit on the Queen Mary months later.

Sgt John M Chandler

Sgt. John M Chandler on right, soldier on left unknown.  Probably taken at Koblenz, Germany shortly after the war.

Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment, 1st Platoon personnel roster

Personnel Roster, 134th Infantry Regiment, Comany D, 1st Platonn - date unknown

Thanks to Jim Chandler, the son of Sgt. John M. Chandler for these photographs and the information about his father.

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