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Company D - 134th Infantry Regiment Reunions

1981 - 1984 - 1987 - 1990

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Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment Reunion 1981 Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment Reunion - 1984


1984 - North Platte, Nebraska

Beginning with front row - left to right
Row 1 - Don Harris, Bob Manifold, Merle Rose, Bob Biever, Steve Murphy, Richard Downing, Neale K. Williams, Lavern Sivits and Rev. Harold Reitz
Row 2 - Andy Rhodes, Byron Mudge, Francis Porterfield, Jim Babcock, Ward Schick, Bob Guiles, Keith Peters, Milton Baker, Don Winchester, Chas McMurtry and August Reiland
Row 3 - Floyd McMurtry, Russ Hannibal, Adam Claus, Ed Supanchick, Earl Fritz, Bob Enzminger, Mel Miller, Hal Sowle, Vernon Fleshman, Burton Foor, Harvey Anderson and John Hollenbeck
Row 4 - John Daigh, John Turner, John Harkness, Henry Gordon, Joseph Cseh, William Torok, George Hansen, Arthur Boyer, Chester McCarty, Erwynn Moore, Oliver Hogsett and Warren Morrow
Back Row, left to right - W. Schick, J. Daigh, J. Waugh, R. Guiles, Bud (E.M.) White, L. Sivits, H. Sowle, J. Turner, J. Harkness, Don Craig, Wm. Torok, Dan Craig, C. McCarthy and H. Gordon
Second Row - Bob Craig, D. Harris, B Mudge, J. Babcock, L. Kaiser, J. Hollenbeck, C. White, H. Anderson, W. Morrow, F. McMurtry and H. Reitz
Third Row - J. Kariger, M. Rose, R. Downing, E. Deiner, J. Carroll, M. Miller, R. Hannibal, A. Claus, R. Manifold, E. Fritz, E. Supanchick and C. Richardson
Front Row - R. Biever, D. Rubottom, C. McDonough, E. Moore, K. Peters, D. Winchester, G. Hansen, R. Enziminger, A. Rhodes, T. Ryan and J. Cseh
Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment Reunion - 1987 Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment Reunion - 1990

1987 - North Platte, Nebraska

1990 - North Platte, Nebraska

Front Row kneeling, left to right - Vernon Kruse, John Harkness, Lavern Sivits, Bob Manifold, and Francis Porterfield
Second Row - Andy Rhodes, John Hollenbeck, Jim Babcock, Carl McDonough, Earl Fritz, Chester J. McCarty, Ed Supanchick, Russ Hannibal, Vergil Fredricey, Jim Waugh, Bob Enzminger, and John Kariger
Third Row - Vernon Fleshman, Dick Downing, Bob Guiles, Floyd McMurtry, Erwyn Moore, Burton Foor, Keith Peters, Merle Rose, Henry Gordon, Robert Rice, Joseph Cseh, Harvey Andersen, and Don Paull
Fourth Row - Tom Ryan, Bob Biever, Ralph Riley, Charles McMurtry, Louis Kaiser, James W. Powers, Charles B. Konruff, Don Winchester, John Daigh, William Torok, Rev. Harold S. Reitz, John Turner, Ward R. Schick, George Hansen, and Don Harris
Front Row, left to right - J. D. Parker, Jr., Bob Biever, Hjarne Baadsgaard, Tom Ryan, Ed Suppanchick, Erwynn Moore, Vergil Fredricey, Jim Waugh, Randal Weesner, Chester McCarty, Bob Enzminger, Carl McDonough, John Kariger, Francis Porterfield, Arthur Boyer, Keith N. Peters, Robert H. Duke, and Russ Hannibal
Second Row - Bob Manifold, Burton J. Foor, Merle W. Rose, Rev. Harold Reitz, Jim Babcock, Andy Rhodes, Joe Cox, Dan E. Craig, Earl Fritz, John Hollenbeck, Louis Kaiser, Don C. Craig, Ward R. Schick, Steve Murphy, Bob Guiles, Richard Downing, and Dan Moreno
Third Row - Don Harris, Bud(E.M.)White, Vernon Fleshman, John Daigh, James Powers, Henry Gordon, John L. Harkness, William Torok, Harold Sowle, Harvey Andersen, Robert Rice, Charles White, Walt Steinke, George Hansen, Lavern Sivits, and Charles B. Konruff

Program from 1990 Reunion

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Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment 1990 Reunion Program Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment 1990 Reunion Program

CLICK HERE to see pictures from the 1972 and 1974 Company D, 134th Infantry Regiment Reunions

Thanks to Kevin L. Hansen for these photographs. Mr. Hansen is the son of T/Sgt George L. Hansen who served with Company D of the 134th Infantry Regiment.

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