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Arthur and Beverly Goodhue

Arthur and Beverly Goodhue

Sgt. Goodhue participated in the liberation of Nancy, France in September 1944. Below is an article from a French newspaper describing the ceremonies on the 20th Anniversary of the liberation in September 1964. Sgt. Goodhue and his wife Beverly attended the ceremony during which Sgt. Goodhue was awarded the Medal of Honor of the City of Nancy by the Mayor.

L'Est Republicain Lorrain
Nancy Edition
14 September 1964

At 0830 hours yesterday morning, started the ceremonies of the 20th anniversary of the liberation on Nancy, in presence of numerous civilian and military dignitaries beside Mr. Grandval, Minister of Labor, and Mr. Gervais Prefect of Meurthe et Moselle. Flowers were layed, speeches were made, decorations distributed.

The reconstitution of the liberation was made by the American troops. Five jeeps, a ¾ Ton truck and a sedan arrived in front of the Hotel de Ville, on Place Stanislas in Nancy just like 20 years ago, the morning of the 15 September 1944, the men were dressed in field uniform with a camouflaged helmet, Colonel Tonetti driving one of the vehicles himself. The population applauded the American troops. Doctor Weber, Mayor of Nancy wanted to pay homage to the American troops which he did in the person of Sgt. Arthur Goodhue from the 134th Infantry. Sgt. Goodhue was participating in the liberation of Nancy in 1944, he was present at the 20th Anniversary, and Doctor Weber, presented Sgt. Goodhue with the Medal of Honor of the City. Mrs. Goodhue accompanied her husband at the ceremonies. After the presentation the population applauded and Doctor Weber said "People of the City of Nancy and I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation and warm feelings toward you and those Americans who on this day, 20 years ago, liberated the City of Nancy and we desire that they take this sentiment with them wherever they may go."

Following a mass at the Cathedral of Nancy, a banquet was given for 80 persons at the Grand Hotel, Place Stansilas in Nancy.

Thanks to Nancy Skrocki for submitting this information

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