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134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"

35th Infantry Division emblem

Sgt. Edward O. Hall

Sgt. Edward O Hall

Headquarters Company 3rd Battalion - Communications Platoon

Bronze Star Medal Citation

Private First Class Edward O. Hall, 39384618, Infantry, United States Army, for heroic service in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States in the vicinity of * * *, Normandy, France, 17 - 19 July 1944. Private Hall, serving as lineman in a wire crew, displaying tenacity and courage, assisted his section of the communications platoon of the battalion in maintaining the battalion communications system. Working under almost constant enemy observation, over fields containing mines and booby traps and subjected to enemy fire of all types, Private Hall's efforts were materially responsible for the almost continuous maintenance of the intra-battalion communications system, which was a vital factor in the continued success of the operation leading to the capture of * * *. Entered military service from Oregon.

General Orders 27, Headquarters 35th Infantry Division, 29 August 1944

Purple Heart Medal

Wounded in action December 26, 1944
General Orders 58, Headquarters 35th Infantry Division, 26 December 1944

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Group photo - no caption

Pfc. Edward Hall

KP- Edward Hall

l'Eglise, Saint Florentin


Interior de l'Eglise, Saint Florentin

Place des Fontaines, Saint Florentin

Le basin du canal, Saint Florentin

La Tour Brunehaut et l'Eglise, Saint Florentin

Lt. Snyder



Bar, O'Brien, and yes me (Edward Hall)

Blackie, Whip, and Bar


Morhan (get a load of the shoes)

German Garrison

Ondarko, McLenon and Zanelli "Gremercy Woods"

Whipple, Gremercy Woods near Nancy, France

Randerath, Germany, near Roer River



Peck near Lutrobois, Belgium in Ardennes Battle

A rough looking bunch Metz, France Christmas Day. Edward Hall - back row, far right.

Me and Peck Christmas Day, cigar sort of dominates. Edward Hall on the left.

Guess who? Barharge and Slick, Metz Christmas. Edward Hall on the left.

Ridge, Metz France, Christmas


Left to right top 3 - Nick, Chip and Dorsey. Bottom - John, Harper, Cottrill, Goebbel, Pappy, and yup, me. Edward Hall on far right, on top of the Jeep hood.

Peck and Bergman

Edward Hall

Edward Hall (on the Queen Mary)

Edward Hall, top middle

Edward Hall on the right. He was a lineman who went ahead and set up communications.

War Ration Book

Belonged to Sgt. Hall's wife, Antoinette.

Shame on McLendon

O'Brien and Herbers (Red to us)

Charles J Novak, Whip and O'Brien

McKinnon - Randerach, Germany, near the hells of Bastogne

Peck and his baby - Randerach, Germany

Whip and Mac - Randerach, Germany

The Great McKinnon

Mac, Louie and Tajo


Gladbeck, Germany

Gladbeck, Germany

Bochum, Germany

Bochum, Germany

Bochum, Germany

Hanover, Germany


Gardelagen, Germany

Thanks to Sgt. Hall's daughter, Annette Hall Roehrbein for these photographs, which are from her father's collection.

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