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Munstermaifeld PX

Munstermaifeld PX

"Behind the counter is Donald Bell (fourth from the left). The person leaning on the counter without a helmet is Fred McEvoy (from North Platte). The barber is Prentiss Melton. The shoe shiner we called Roger. Roger was an Italian that was in Munstermaifeld when we got there. Where he came from nobody knows. He would shine shoes and do janitorial duties at the PX and at Zach's bar which was adjacent to the PX. I think one of the GI's in helmets is Shick but I'm not positive. I recognize both guys in helmets but can't positively identify them. I do not recognize the person in the barber's chair but I am sure I would know him."

If anyone can identify the other men in the photograph, please send an email to rv_russo@yahoo.com.

Click on the picture of the newspaper articles below to open a larger copy.

Munstermaifeld PX news article Cologne Opera 1945 news artlcle

My thanks to Mr. Donald Bell (and his son Mike) for providing this information and the photo. Mr. Donald Bell served with Company D of the 134th Infantry Regiment at Munstermaifeld. 

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