134th Infantry Regiment Crest

134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"

35th Infantry Division emblem

Headquarters Company - 3rd Battalion

Headquarter Company 3rd Battalion

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1st Row (bottom row) - left to right: S/Sgt Donald F. Buckley, Cpl Rudolph A. Baade, Cpl Bickford, T/5 M. Schweiger, Cpl Roy S. Havlu, S/Sgt Jerome L. Ternus, 1st/Sgt H. Hill, 1st Lt William D. Brodbeck, 1st Lt Floris M. Garner, 1st Lt Joseph H. Friedel, 2nd Lt Suchier, 2nd Lt ?, S/Sgt Verne V. Ricky, S/Sgt Charles J. Novak, S/Sgt Eldon R. Sellmeyer, S/Sgt Kenneth H. Markle, T/5 Joseph J. Kuti, T/5 John J. McKinnon

2nd Row - left to right: T/5 Raymond Harper, T/5 Ralph T. Forst, S/Sgt Henry C. Perkinton, Sgt D. Walters, T/5 Edward J. Konrath, Sgt. Keith H. Puddy, T/4 Kenneth L. Elmore, T/5 Leonard A. Bockoven, Cpl Louis P. Demma, Cpl Frank P. Beierle, T/5 Mike B. Sock, Jr., T/4 Durward E. Whipple, T/4 LaVon C. Earnest, Cpl Abe Epstein, S/Sgt Arnold A. Barhorst, T/4 Edward F. Pletzke, T/5 Aylward, T/5 James F. Drew

3rd Row - left to right: Sgt Stephens, Sgt Leonard V. Freeburg, Pvt Raymond J. Bade, Pvt ?, Pfc Erhardt L. Larson, Pfc Armin M. Birkner, Jr., Pfc Edward B. Arbogast, Pfc Arrigo, Pfc Harold M. Alderson, Pfc Lyle G. Cameron, Pvt ?, Pfc J. Arnold, Pvt ?, Pfc Roy E. Pierce, Pvt L. Landers, Pfc Clyde Waltrip, Pvt Earl W. Ibach, Pfc Robert L. Bischoff

4th Row - left to right: Pvt Alex R. Jack, Pfc James Schuster, Pfc John M. Evanovich, Pfc Albert N. Galvin, Pfc Albert F. W. Elstermeier, Pfc Mike Ondarko, Pvt Peas, Pvt Ralph Dorsey, Pfc Neland L. Cole, Pvt George F. Graham, Pvt Wilbert U. Manninen, Pfc Charles F. Masek, Pfc Steven J. Masalski, Pfc Bernard A. Leemhuis, Pfc Louis G. Mandis, Pfc Walter J. Hoyle

5th Row (top row) - left to right: Pfc Simon A. Lococo, Pfc Gassman, Pfc Bernard G. Haas, Pvt Lealman G. Martin, Pvt McJunkins, Pfc William S. Pollard, Pfc Roland R. Jirsa, Pfc Cecil E. Fuller, Pfc Edward J. Engbrecht, Pfc Edward O. Hall, Pfc Magnus H. Goebel, Pvt McKloski, Pfc G. Musick, Pvt Brown, Pvt Curtiss, Pvt Orville E. Eichhorst

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This photograph was taken at Camp Butner, NC.  It was probably taken in the spring or early summer of 1944, just prior to the 134th Infantry Regiment's departure for France.

Thanks to Annette Hall Roehrbein, daughter of Sgt. Edward O. Hall, for this photograph from her father's collection

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