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134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"

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Pfc. Robert L. Reese

Pfc. Robert L. Reese, Company B, 134th Infantry Regiment

Company B, 134th Infantry Regiment

Mug Shot taken while at Stalag 12A

Pfc. Robert L. Reese was captured by the Germans on December 12, 1944 after crossing the River Blies. He and a few others held out in a house until they were overwhelmed. He spent 135 days as a POW. He was wounded in action 3 times - at St. Lo, Nancy, and the day he was captured. When they were liberated one of Pfc. Reese's fellow prisoners grabbed all the personnel records and mailed each member of Stalag XIIA their personnel file when the war was over.

To read more about the crossing of the Blies River by the 134th Infantry Regiment, see the 134th Infantry Regiment Combat History of World War II, Chapter VIII - Through Lorraine to Germany.

Thanks to Pfc. Reese's grandson, Jon L. Reese, for submitting this information and photograph.

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