George Coulthard (1766-1840) of Graitney, Scotland and Glencoe, Ontario

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George Coulthard was born on December 23, 1766 in Graitney which is now called Greta Green in Dumfries County Scotland. He was the son of William Coulthard and Margaret Sim. George had five brothers and three sisters: David (1756), John (1758), William (1759), George (1761), Margaret (1762), Janet (1764), Mary (1769) and Walter (1771). Sometime in the late 1780's early 1790's he married Ann Dickson/Dixon (1767-1855). The family lived on the Crossgilles farm in Dumfries County where George worked as a farmer. George and Ann had nine children: David, Margaret, Mary, William (1791), Jane (1801/2), Andrew (1806?), Robert (1810), Elizabeth and George. The family was living in Mousewald during the early 1790's then moved to Ruthwell around 1810. Ruthwell is located only a couple of miles west of the village of Cummertrees where other Coulthart families originated.

In 1824 George decided to emigrate to St. John's in New Brunswick, Canada. The family consisting of George, his wife Ann and seven of their children (the two oldest children remained in Scotland) sailed from a port on the Annan estuary and apparently landed three weeks later in St. John's where the family would live for a number of years. About 1836 most of the family, leaving the son William (1791) and his family and the daughter Mary and her family behind, moved to Mosa township in Middlesex County, Ontario where they settled on the bank of the Thames River near Glencoe. They cleared the land of timber, oak, maple, etc, leaving the sugar maple as sugar was made from the sap of the latter drawn in early spring. On June 6, 1840 George died and Ann died on February 17, 1855. They are both buried in the Oakland cemetery in Mosa, which is near Glencoe. Memorials to George and Ann Coulthard can be found at this following links:
George Coulthard Memorial
Ann Coulthard Memorial

In 1859 Robert and George along with Robert's daughter Ann Coulthart Richardson and her family moved to the US. They travelled by train to Iowa City, Iowa, then by stage coach to Council Bluffs and the Missouri Valley. Here on a site in Harrison County Iowa alongside the Missouri River, they built a house, partly of log partly of frame, from the cottonwoods on the site and ploughed the prairie with teams of oxen. Here also during the winter months, Robert and George felled trees, cut them into railroad ties at a saw mill at Sandy Point, built them into rafts which they rode down the Missouri River to Omaha, where they were used to build the new Union Pacific railroad begin built west from Council Bluffs and Omaha.

The Children of George Coulthard
  • David Coulthard was born in Scotland. He remained in Scotland when the rest of his family emigrated to Canada.

  • Margaret Coulthard was born in Scotland. She married Francis Richardson and remained in Scotland when the rest of her family emigrated to Canada. Margaret and Francis had five children: Ann (1824), Mary (1831), Mary (1833), William (1837) and Francis (1841). All five children were born in Ruthwell Parish, Dumfries County Scotland.

  • Mary Coulthard (17??-1859) was born in Scotland. She married William Dobie and they emigrated to Canada with Mary's parents. Mary and William had at least three children: Ann (1841-1919), George (1842-1922) and Mary. The family settled in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

  • William Coulthard (1791-??) was born in Mousewald, Dumfries County Scotland on September 21, 1791. He emigrated with his parents and lived in New Brunswick.

  • Jane Coulthard (1801/2-1851) was born in Scotland around 1801/2. She emigrated to Canada with her parents in 1824. She married James Allan on November 13, 1826 in York County, New Brunswick. Jane and James had five children: Mary (1827-1884), John (1830-1915), Margaret (1831), George (1833-1902) and James (1835). The family lived in St. Johns and Fredericton, New Brunswick where James worked as a coachman. Around 1834/35 they moved with other family members to the Glencoe, Ontario area farming in Ekfrid township. Jane died on August 22, 1851 at Crinan, Ontario.

  • Andrew Coulthard (1806?-1895) was born in Scotland around 1806. He emigrated to Canada with his parents and married Elizabeth Beckton (1819-1895). Andrew and Elizabeth had seven children: John (1844-1923), William (1848-1945), George, Thomas (1853-1927), David (1856-1933), Elizabeth (1860-1884) and Robert (1861-1905). Andrew and his family moved to the Glencoe, Ontario area with his parents around 1834/35 and he died there on July 15, 1895.

  • Robert Landels Coulthard (1810-1902) was born in Ruthwell, Dumfries County Scotland on August 12, 1810. He emigrated to Canada with his parents in 1824 and married Jane Eddie (1820-1897) in 1839. Robert and Jane had ten children: Ann (1840), George (1842), William (1844-1922), Elizabeth (died young), David (1846-1927), James (1848-1938), John A. (1851-1919), Robert (1856-1925), Andrew (1858-1924) and Hugh Ross (1864-1932). In 1855 the family moved to the U.S. and settle along the Missouri River in Harrison County Iowa where Robert died in 1902.

  • Elizabeth Coulthard was born in Scotland. She immigrated to Canada with her parents. Elizabeth moved to the Glencoe, Ontario area with other members of her family in 1834-35.

  • George Coulthard was born in Scotland. He emigrated to Canada with his parents in 1824 and eventually settled along the Missouri River in Iowa.

If you have additional information about these North American or Scottish families please send it to: or write: Terry Meinke, 1004 Ridgewood Lane, Palatine, IL 60067 U.S.A. so this webpage can be updated and/or corrected. For more information on the Jane Coulthard and James Allan family send email to: or write: Cam Allan, RR #2, St. George, Ontario NOE 1NO.

I visited the village of Ruthwell when I was in Scotland in 1994. The village is only a couple of miles from Cummertrees where my Coulthart ancestors originated and the Ruthwell Parish Church is one of the tourist attractions in the area. It contains one of, if not, the best preserved and oldest Celtic Cross in the United Kingdom. The photo below was taken by the gate that leads to the church. Please read the sign. I wonder if this Coulthard family is a descendant of the brother from the story above who remained behind in Scotland when the rest of the family emigrated to Canada!

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  • Christening records from Graitney, Mousewald and Ruthwell parishs in Scotland researched by Terry Meinke.
  • Email from Cam Allan of St. George, Ontario, Canada a descendant of Jane Coulthard above.
  • Email from Lindsey Coulthard from Clearwater, Manitoba, Canada a descendant of Andrew Coulthard above.
  • Email from Barbara Small from San Francisco, California a descendant of Robert Coulthard above.
  • Email from Molly Harris in November 2020, a descendant of George Coulthard above.

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