How many Coulthart families are there?

Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to know approximately how many Coulthart families there are in the world. In January 1999 a search was done on the following websites which list the names, addresses and telephone numbers of individuals located in the countries referenced. Be advised that all of the names on these websites are not 100% accurate. Sometimes a name is listed twice while another name many not be listed at all or is listed under an incorrect spelling. There may be more Coulthart families out there who live in countries where the white pages are not yet online or were not searched.

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  • United States -
  • United Kingdom -
  • Australia -
  • New Zealand -
  • Denmark -
  • Germany -

The table below shows how the surname is currently distributed. The most families are found in the United Kingdom where the surname originated. North America is a close second with 542 families distributed across Canada and the U.S.A. Most of the Canadians live in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. In the U.S.A. there appears to be a heavy concentration of Coulthart families in the Midwest, especially in Wisconsin. In the South Pacific, 228 families can be found in Australia and New Zealand. The largest concentrations in Australia are found in the states of South Australia and Victoria.

This distribution pattern closely resembles that of typical immigrant families from the British Isles. Further research would most likely show that the earliest Coulthart immigrants settled in Canada and the U.S.A. with later immigrants heading to Australia and New Zealand.

However, it is interesting to note that there are currently 12 Coulthard families in Denmark and 1 in Germany. Evidently some immigrants headed east from England and Scotland rather then going west to the New World. Several years ago there was a website on the Internet with a banner that read "Coulthard - A Norweigan name". The author was under the impression that he was of Norwegian origin since his great-grandfather came to the U.S.A. from Norway. He didn't know that his Coulthard ancestors originally came from the United Kingdom and had immigrated to Norway several generations earlier. Someday we may discover that Coulthart immigrants ended up in some other unexpected places!

Name Canada U.S.A. United Kingdom Australia New Zealand Total
Coulthard 130 234 608 152 23 1147
Coulthart 44 33 9* 15 5 106
Coltart 32 32 93 4 6 167
Colthart 10 23 43 6 4 86
Coultard 0 0 29 5 0 34
Coltherd 1 1 21 0 0 23
Coltheart 0 0 1 8 0 9
Coultherd 0 0 6 0 0 6
Colthard 0 1 2 0 0 3
Coultart 1 0 0 0 0 1
TOTALS 218 324 812 190 38 1595**

* it appears as if this number is incorrect as this is the second most common spelling of the surname in all other countries - this could be due to the name being misspelled in the white pages in the UK.

** includes 12 from Denmark and 1 from Germany not listed in the table

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