Thomas Morton Colthart (1882-1953) of Muirkirk, Scotland and Whitinsville, Massachusetts

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This family history begins in 1910 with the arrival in the U.S. from Glasgow, Scotland, of Thomas Morton Colthart. Thomas was the son of Margaret Allan Colthart of Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He was born on November 22, 1882 in the town of Muirkirk, which is located a few miles south of Glasgow. On December 31, 1901 Thomas was united in marriage to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Doyle (1884-1953) in Maryhill, a suburb of Glasgow. Thomas and Lizzie had four children: Thomas Jr. (1902-1989), Robert (1905-1990), James (1907-1977) and Annie (1908-).

Thomas arrived in the U.S. alone sometime in January/February 1910. His wife and four children under the age of eight followed. They arrived on the Allen Line ship Numiddian out of Greenock, Scotland; presumably into Boston, MA. The family established itself in the village of Whitinsville, Worcester County, in the Blackstone Valley of Massachusetts. Thomas Sr. became an employee of the Whitin Machine Works where he worked until retirement in 1950/51 with 40 years of service. He was naturalized in Worcester County, MA in 1917 and died there in 1953.

The Children of Thomas Morton Colthart and Lizzie Doyle
  • Thomas Morton Colthart Jr. (1902-1989) was born in Maryhill, Scotland on September 30, 1902. After immigrating with his parents in 1910, he attended school in Whitinsville through 12th grade. A gifted athlete, he became well known in central Massachusetts as a track runner, soccer, baseball and football player. Tom remained active in sports all his life, played soccer into his 50’s and was still a baseball umpire when age 75.

    At the age of 17 Tom left to work in Fall River, MA at the Firestone Rubber Co. He worked alternately at the textile operations of Firestone in New Bedford, MA. Some years later, he would become Personnel Manager for Firestone. In 1928 he married Frances McMellon, daughter of Francis and Margaret (nee Lewis) McMellon of Fall River, MA and the couple subsequently had nine children: Thomas (1930), Donald (1931), Jane (1932), Glenn (1934), Cynthia (1936), Elaine (1939), Gail (1941), Alan (1943) and Heather (1952).

    In 1941, he and his family moved to western Massachusetts, to the city of Holyoke in the Pioneer Valley of Hampden County. There, this Colthart family would stay, the children would attend schools, and begin their adult lives. Thomas Jr. became a civic leader, National Grange official, and recognized Toastmaster/master-of ceremonies. His death in 1989 was sudden and unexpected. His wife Frances, now 91 and independent, still resides in Holyoke, MA. Four daughters and their grown families live nearby .

  • Robert Donaldson Colthart (1905-1990) married Helen Agnes Cole and they had one child: Robert (1931-1997).

  • James Colthart (1907-1977) married Blanche Olive Rita Emery and they had two children: James (1938) and Brenda (1946).

  • Anne Colthart (1908-present) married Leo Lussier and they had three children: Elizabeth, Edward and Sharlene.

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