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Historical Documents:

Reorganization of the 35th Division, February 1924 - This document from the Nebraska State Archives describes the reorganization of the 35th Division in February 1924.

219th Field Artillery Battalion Morning Reports - These are now available for A, B, and C Batteries and the Medical Detachment.  More will be added in the future.

216th Field Artillery Battalion Morning Reports - These Morning Report are now available for all 216th Field Artillery Battalion sub-units including A, B, C, HQ and Service Batteries and the Medical Detachment.

Escape and Evasion Reports - Escape and Evasion Reports are firsthand accounts of a soldier's escape from behind enemy lines.  Reports typically include a questionnaire with information such as name, rank, serial number, date of birth, civilian address, civilian occupation, unit designation, date considered missing in action, date returned to allied control, country of escape or evasion, and a listing of any other service personnel involved in the capture or escape. Most also include a written narrative that describes the capture, experiences while being held prisoner, and escape.

320th Infantry Regiment General Orders - General Orders were used to award medals, decorations and honors to individual soldiers and units. 320th Infantry Regiment General Orders are now indexed alphabetically by soldier's name.  General Orders for the 134th and 137th Infantry Regiments are also indexed by name.

35th Division Homecoming, May 1912: Part 1Part 2Part 3 - St. Louis Republic Newspaper supplement from the St. Louis Republic. Includes the history of the 35th Division during World War One, personnel rosters, casualty lists, award citations, photographs, and advertisements from local companies welcoming the 35th Division soldiers home.  This is a large file divided into 3 parts to improve download times.

35th Infantry Division Returning Passenger Ship Lists - All Units of the 35th Infantry Division except the 137th Infantry Regiment returned from the ETO aboard the Queen Mary departing Southhampton, England September 5, 1945 and arriving New York Harbor September 10, 1945.  The 137th Infantry Regiment returned aboard the SS Cristobal departing Le Havre, France on August 23, 1945 and arriving Boston Harbor August 31, 1945.  These ship lists are indexed by soldier's name and by unit.

320th Infantry Regiment S-2 Military Intelligence Reports - Periodic Military Intelligence Reports  are daily reports containing information about enemy troop and artillery locations, defensive positions, identities of enemy units encountered, enemy reserves, supply, administration and capability, enemy operations during the period, and other miscellaneous information.

Beatrice Sun newspaper clippings - These are WWII era newspaper clippings from the Beatrice Sun newspaper in Nebraska that mention servicemen from Beatrice, NE and vicinity.   They are indexed by name and unit when known.


134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division attack on Gelsenkirchen, Germany 9 April 1945 - Infantrymen of the 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division, XVI Corps, Ninth U.S. Army cross wrecked bridge over the Emscher Canal. Infantrymen prepare three-man boat for transporting ammunition across river. LCRs are tied together to form raft. Troops ferrying ammunition across canal. Troops advancing thru city. German women sweep rubble from sidewalks. Burning buildings. U.S. engineers assisted by German civilians place a steel culvert in canal preparatory to bridging stream.

134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division moves thru Gelsenkirchen, Germany April 1945 - Soldiers of the 35th Signal Company, 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division, XVI Corps, Ninth U.S. Army string wire thru streets of Gelsenkirchen and Bochum. Bomb damage to homes is visible. Bulldozer clears debris from streets. Vehicles of the 35th Infantry Division pass thru town. German civilians carry their weapons. Infantry troops in split file advance thru town. Armored vehicles pass soldiers in their advance. 

Pfc. Roger W. Taylor, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company E, was killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge. 75 years later his dog tags were unearthed in France and returned to the Beloit Ohio Historical Soiety in his hometown.  This is the December 29, 2019 ceremony by Col. Matthew Woodruff of the Ohio National Guard and the "Remembering Roger" presentation by Ken Bandy.


Franciszek Dudek, 134th Infantry Regiment, Cannon Company

T/4 Delbert W Mullenberg, 35th Quartermaster Company

Pvt Leroy T Farmer, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company F

Pvt Foster C "Clinton" Griffith, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company A

Pfc Warren H Hilton, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company M

Pfc Gordon L Brookshear, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company A

Pfc Cecil Paul Smith, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF)

Pfc Eugene F Chambers, 137th Infantry Regiment, Company F and HQ Company 2nd Battalion

Pfc Ronald R Boerst, 137th Infantry Regiment, Company G

320th Infantry Regiment, Company K, troops of the 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon move through the streets of Venlo, Holland, March 2, 1945

320th Infantry Regiment, Company G, 2 group photos include T/Sgt Pasquale Elia, Pfc Robert Perilli and several others unidentified.

Pfc Rex M Bowers, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company C

1st Lt Richard G Larrieu, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company C

Maj Norman C Carey, 320th Infantry Regiment, Company A

S/Sgt Andrew Bruneel, 137th Infantry Regiment, Company H

Capt Charles P Brochu, 320th Infantry Regiment, Company I and Service Company

Pfc Eugene A Bazzo, 137th Infantry Regiment, Company C

Pfc John G Bandrow, 320th Infantry Regiment, Company G

Sgt Walter J Bach, 137th Infantry Regiment, Company F

S/Sgt Gerald E Adams, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company B

Pfc Dewey F Adams, 134th Infanty Regiment, Company A

T/5 George L Acock, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company L

Pvt. Benjamin Acciarito, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company E

T/Sgt Arne O Aalbu, 134th Infantry Regiment, Company L

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